Laparoscopic Evaluation of Nonspecific Vague Abdominal Pain

Ainul Hadi, Shehla Faridoon, Imranuddin Khan, Muhammed Zeb, Shahidullah, Shehzad Akbar Khan

  • Ainul Hadi Department of Surgery Hayat Medical Complex Peshawar



To determine the diagnostic value of laparoscopy in patients with nonspecific vague abdominal pain.

Study design

Descriptive case series.

Place & Duration of study

Surgical “C” Unit, Department of Surgery, Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar, from July 2020 to June 2021.


Patients with nonspecific vague abdominal pain were admitted for diagnostic laparoscopy. Data were collected and analysed through SPSS version 15. Patients were followed in OPD for three months.


A total of 60 patients were included. There were 20 (33.3%) males and 40 (66.7%) females with male to female ratio of 1:2. Age of the patients was from 21 to 65 years with mean 30±6.0 year. Twenty-two (53.3%) patients had umbilical pain followed by right lower quadrant pain (25%) and left lower quadrant pain (10%). Eighteen (30%) patients had appendicular pathology while 15 (25%) had abdominal tuberculosis. Chronic and recurrent cholecystitis was found in 8 (13.3%) cases while 7 (11.7%) had postoperative adhesions and bands. Postoperative complications of the procedure included wound infections (8.3%) and RTI (5%). A definitive diagnosis was established in 56 (93.5%) cases.


Diagnostic laparoscopy was found useful in establishing definite diagnosis in patients labeled as having nonspecific vague abdominal pain.

Key words

Diagnostic laparoscopy, Nonspecific abdominal pain, Appendicitis, Abdominal tuberculosis.